Pregnancy Tests

If you think you may be pregnant, we can help you know for sure with a free pregnancy test and/or free ultrasound.

Confirmation Ultrasounds

Free Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy viability, position, and gestation.

Options Counseling & Mentoring

Not sure what you want to do regarding your pregnancy? We will support you along this journey no matter what you choose.


We provide informational classes to help you have a healthy pregnancy and/or learn good parenting skills.

Material Assistance

Moms and dads who participate in the parenting program earn points that can be cashed in to get items for their baby.

Professional Counseling

We offer free professional counseling with trained and licensed counselors as well as post abortion counseling. Everything you share is confidential.

Medicaid Application & Other Assistance

We will assist you in applying for all Medicaid, Healthy Texas Women, Transportation assistance and many others to support your health. If you have been denied before we can help!

Reproductive Grief Care

Grief in miscarriage and abortion affects women and men in various ways. If you feel you need assistance with this particular grief we can help.